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The information contained on Canning Nana is for general and educational purposes only. 

The information on this site is periodically updated, but no guarantee is given that each and every post has been updated to the most current and up-to-date information.

I have made my best efforts to share safe techniques and recipes because these are also the same techniques and recipes that I use with my family.  You are responsible for your own results, because I can’t be there to make sure you do every step correctly.  You may have different times and pressures due your altitude, therefore you must research what the times and pressures are for your altitude.

If in doubt, please read your owners manual for the proper operation of your pressure canner.

Canning Nana is here to motivate you to start making your own healthy food, and show you that home canning isn’t as scary as you may think.

Any statements and claims have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other government agency.


Privacy Policy

Canning Nana’s privacy policy is simple.  We will never share, sell, or even “can” your information up in a mason jar and throw in the sea.


Affiliate Links

Some of the links contained in Canning Nana may be affiliate links.  By using these links you help support the website and allow me to keep bringing you quality content, however the products you purchase don’t cost you any more money than if you would have just went straight to their site.

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